Friday, June 1, 2012

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Kenya Diaz

Figure Drawings

AP Drawing Concentration

Decapitacion del Santo Juan el Bautista

Romance de la Luna Luna . Federico Garcia  Lorca

"Dentro de la fragua lloran,
dando gritos, los gitanos.
El aire la vela, vela.
El aire la está velando."

Romance de la Luna Luna.Federico Garcia  Lorca
" Huye luna, luna, luna.
Si vinieran los gitanos,
harían con tu corazón
collares y anillos blancos."


Line created a mean to represent the model before me. As a result i picked up a kind of acquaintance within each characteristic I rendered. To Further engage the figure itself,  i began to reveal fragments of the body's underlying  skeletal  structures. 

AP Drawing Breadth

Esqueleto Fragmentado
Cuerpo Fragmentado

Study Of Bird Wings

Sitting Ryann
Sitting Jonathan


Within a dream once again...for the last time?
Martha Graham- Lamentation /filmed by Simon Moselsio


Sitting Dwight
Los movimientos que la línea de captura

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

breadth Work

I usually like working with mixed media when creating art work. In addition i also have a great interest to the art of printmaking . The imagery for the the last two prints are based on the idea of purification one of the body and the other of water.

concentration work

These few five peices are some of my concentration. in this series of peices deal with dreams, that are  represented through pattern work derived from the amazing artist, my inspiration, Gustav Klimt.